Karin Reisinger

FWF Hertha Firnberg Fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Institute for Education in the Arts, where I also also lead the FWF TCS project Stories of Post-extractive F*utures.

During my postdoc fellowship at KTH School of Architecture, Critical Studies, in Stockholm (2016–17), I started working with the mining areas of Sábme/Northern Sweden to sense the material connections and agencies of the architectural profession and its practices. Following a Fellowship at ArkDes Stockholm (2018), I have continued to engage with the area of Malmberget and started to work with Eisenerz in Austria since this project began in 2020.
Educated in architecture, visual culture and cultural studies, I am interested in urban and environmental changes and spatial practices of care and maintenance, especially of feminist, Indigenous and more-than-human practitioners and communities. My work relies on ethics of co-production, mutual learning and on a feminist critical materialist framework.

Besides teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts, in 2022 I was also involved in the international PhD course Approaching Research Practice in Architecture (TU Munich). And I curated the exhibition Fences Insects Embroideries (material communities) as part of WIENWOCHE in Vienna in 2022. 

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